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I'm a researcher-turned-freelance-science-writer based in Seattle, WA. I translate scientific research for the insatiably curious, write about research-backed solutions to real-world problems, and crack really terrible jokes.

I have a Master's in infection, immunity, and human disease from the University of Leeds, UK. I have written about antibiotic resistance for The Conversation, STEM culture and synthetic biology for SynBioBeta News, mental health and green space for YES! Magazine, Afghan girls' education for the nonprofit Global Washington, marine reserve design for Hakai Magazine, and malaria drug resistance for The Scientist. I am also a fact-checker for Discover and Cancer Today, and a regular freelancer for WebMD and for the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) News Service. I have also written newsletters and assisted in writing grant proposals for Seattle-based educational technology startups. My piece on ADHD, published on Medium in August 2018, was chosen as a featured article for the front page and recorded as an audible article. It received over 42K "claps" (Medium's "like" metric), and has amassed more than 180,000 views and counting.

Communicating about science has renewed my passion for the field. I can finally "zoom out" and re-discover the many subjects outside my narrow specialty: ecology, evolution, mental health, vaccines, drug resistance, marine biology, parasites, sustainable biotech, and bugs. Best of all, I get to play a part in enhancing public science literacy, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the issues that plague us.

Le Cirque de Gavarnie, French Pyrénées

I grew up on Zoobooks, Nat Geo, and the unapologetically detailed human anatomy textbooks my mom had in nursing school. I hope to leave my readers with that same perfect combination of wonder and unblushing curiosity.

When I'm not glued to my laptop, I'm hiking with my husband, kayaking, gardening, playing and teaching piano, watching British TV dramas, or taking pictures of my Boston terrier and my son, Otto, who was born in April 2019. I am also a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center, where I designed an activity that uses a jury-rigged Plinko board to show how herd immunity works.

Carcassonne, France

Isle of Raasay, Scottish Highlands

Grindelwald First, Swiss Alps

Vaxholm, Sweden